How much do e.max® and zirconia CROWN cost?

A smile design with the e.max® or zirconia veneers costs roughly between €2000 to €3500 per smile arc, depending on the complexity of your tailored dental needs. Exact quotes can only be established through a free online consultation with us. We also offer Smile Design packages of 16 to 24 porcelain veneers. Package details can be obtained by contacting us directly.

zirconia crown

Can you get e.max® veneers in a more natural colour/not so white?

Zirconia crown is sometimes described as being like white metal, and its flexural strength makes it easy as strong as traditional PFMs. Solid Zirconia restorations are often ideal for people with bruxism. They are fabricated using CAD/CAM technology, resulting in an excellent marginal fit, reducing chair-time and the risk of remakes. Originally, zirconia was only available in its natural white colour. Still, it is manufactured in a huge variety of shades and translucencies, making it simple to match the restoration to the adjacent teeth. Porcelains can be layered over the zirconia, giving our master ceramists of the clinic’s in-house digital dental laboratory the ability to replicate the characteristics found in natural teeth accurately. Zirconia is ideal for anterior and posterior crowns, as well as for bridges.