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Will my teeth be shaved excessively? Veneers

e.max®️ and zirconia allow us to make restorations that are far less thick. Minimum preparation veneers are ideal for small changes in the shape or alignment of your teeth. Minimal tooth reduction for a tailored smile design will give long-lasting and more predictable results, depending on your cosmetic dentist’s expertise and tooth conservation philosophy. There are generally two types of preparations for porcelain veneers: – Minimal to no-prep veneers: when your teeth are in an optimal position for the veneers to be placed on top of. This requires little to no shaving and only minor preparation of your tooth’s surface. – Prep: If your teeth are misaligned, crowded or not in an ideal position for veneers, and you are not interested in orthodontic or Invisalign treatment to realign your teeth, our cosmetic dentists s will then have to prep your teeth. Prepping your teeth will include shaving off your teeth. Due to the super strength of e.max®️ and zirconia, these veneers can be made ultra-thin so that the amount of tooth preparation you may need is kept to an absolute minimum.


You can eat and drink anything you want with e.max®️ and zirconia veneers! For the first few weeks, you may experience some sensitivity, and we advise you to chop your crunchy foods into smaller, bite-sized portions until you get used to eating with your new veneers. We recommend you avoid biting the front of your teeth and look after your new smile as you would your old one – with love, care, and good oral hygiene.

What can I eat and drink with veneers?