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Zirconia is sometimes described as being like white metal, and its flexural strength makes it easy as strong as traditional PFMs. Solid Zirconia restorations are often ideal for people with bruxism. They are fabricated using CAD/CAM technology, resulting in an excellent marginal fit, reducing chair-time and the risk of remakes. Originally, zirconia was only available in its natural white colour. Still, it is manufactured in a huge variety of shades and translucencies, making it simple to match the restoration to the adjacent teeth. Porcelains can be layered over the zirconia, giving our master ceramists of the clinic’s in-house digital dental laboratory the ability to replicate the characteristics found in natural teeth accurately. Zirconia is ideal for anterior and posterior crowns, as well as for bridges.

Will my teeth be shaved excessively?

e.max®️ and zirconia allow us to make restorations that are far less thick. Minimum preparation veneers are ideal for small changes in the shape or alignment of your teeth. Minimal tooth reduction for a tailored smile design will give long-lasting and more predictable results, depending on your cosmetic dentist’s expertise and tooth conservation philosophy. There are generally two types of preparations for porcelain veneers:

– Minimal to no-prep veneers: when your teeth are in an optimal position for the veneers to be placed on top of. This requires little to no shaving and only minor preparation of your tooth’s surface.
– Prep: If your teeth are misaligned, crowded or not in an ideal position for veneers, and you are not interested in orthodontic or Invisalign treatment to realign your teeth, our cosmetic dentists s will then have to prep your teeth. Prepping your teeth will include shaving off your teeth. Due to the super strength of e.max®️ and zirconia, these veneers can be made ultra-thin so that the amount of tooth preparation you may need is kept to an absolute minimum.

Are There any Additional Procedures Needed for SMILE DENTIST plans.

Not always, but three different procedures can accompany implants. Bone grafting is needed if your jawbone is too thin or soft because chewing puts much pressure on your jawbone, and the implant can fail once you begin to eat solid food. A bone graft will strengthen your jawbone using a part of your bone from a different area of your body or synthetic bone material. A few months will be needed for the graft to grow strong enough to support the implant. A sinus augmentation is sometimes required if an implant is put in the upper jawbone, depending on the location of your sinuses. This procedure lifts the floor of the sinuses to give more room for the implant. Bone augmentation is needed if the patient’s jawbone needs additional work.
Bone augmentation is a surgical procedure to replace bone surrounding the root of a tooth, making it possible for you to have an implant if you don’t have enough natural bone in your jaw. Unlike other body tissue types, bone can regenerate in the right conditions. A graft makes this process possible while helping to hold your implant and existing teeth in place. Over time, your bone will grow to replace the graft material. Once the site around the graft has successfully healed and been provided, you don’t need any other supporting treatments; you’ll be ready to have your implant placed. There are many reasons why you may not have enough bone to hold an implant securely in place, but you might need a bone graft if:

-Your teeth are loose or unstable, or you suffer from gum disease. Gum disease can break down gum and bone tissue

-You had a tooth extracted some time ago. The gap left following extraction can sometimes affect the teeth on either side, and the bone can begin to deteriorate

-You’ve had lots of infections in your mouth. This can lead to bone loss over time

-You’ve had an injury to your mouth. The impact could have led to bone loss.

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