Online Consultation

Online Consultation

We have received patients for their cosmetic, implant, and general dental needs from all over the world till today. It is a true pleasure to have been a part of their smile journeys. Our staff strives to create a world-class experience and ensure smooth travels for all our patients. We proudly provide personalized service from the first communication to the trip back home. We understand that it is daunting to book travel for a dental procedure. We believe in full transparency about the experience and to make your journey as easy as possible. Here is what you can expect:


Online Consultation

A comprehensive online consultation is the best way to guide you in determining what treatment and which personalized procedures you need for a perfect, healthy, and uniquely tailored smile.

Your free online consultation will include:   

  • Comprehensive discussion covering your treatment history and desired outcomes
  • Online examination and smile analysis
  • Your very own personalized treatment plan and quotation
  • An opportunity for the dentist to answer any question you may have
  • Follow up and tailored information pack sent to you by our patient relations service.

Your free online consultation will comprise a comprehensive consultation with our specialists in line with your cosmetic, implant, and general dental needs. This includes a thorough examination and smiles analysis. Our patient specialists will ask you for some photos. Please send us clear photos of your smile and teeth, including close-ups of the areas you would like addressed. During your appointment, we will run through your treatment objectives, and review your concerns, objectives, and desired outcome.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

We believe that comprehensive treatment planning is essential for every patient. And, when it comes to extensive dentistry, comprehensive treatment planning becomes even more important. What is extensive dentistry? In general, it’s a series of procedures to eliminate the active diseases in the mouth, such as caries and periodontal inflammation; restore or replace teeth that are diseased, damaged, or missing; therapies for temporomandibular joint pain that include occlusal splints for muscle relaxation, realignment of teeth, and modification of occlusal surfaces to create a harmonious bite; and, procedures to make cosmetic corrections, oftentimes in concert with above-mentioned procedures.

Imagine you need multiple dental crowns, but to properly space them and give you a comfortable bite and maintain these restorations for the longest time possible, your teeth need to be realigned into the best position. Imagine you have a missing tooth and look forward to replacing that tooth with a dental implant and crown, but you also are unhappy with your smile for other reasons and long for a total smile makeover. Whatever you invest in today, you want to last and make the next dental work you need or desire, not only feasible but uncomplicated.

We believe that comprehensive treatment planning involves one or more specialists when a patient’s dental procedures would be most appropriately performed by a specialist in those procedures. This includes advanced cosmetic procedures, periodontal soft and hard tissue surgery, third molar extraction, most root canal procedures, implant placement, and all implant-related surgeries such as sinus lifts and bone grafts.

Our patients are special to us, and we believe they are deserving of the best minds and most experienced clinicians coming together to make sure their treatment will successfully achieve the best, most desired outcomes. We aim to understand all the circumstances relating to our patient’s oral health, understand what the patient wants to achieve, and the patient’s priorities and preferences. It’s our responsibility to put our full attention on their unique set of circumstances and understand all the underlying causes of why their mouth is the way it is. This requires meaningful conversations with patients, careful examination, and thorough diagnosis. Many times, it means we will spend significant time analyzing the dental records, including radiographic images, photographic images, and models of the patient’s mouth. Many times, we sculpt wax-up models of changes that will be made and make sure the bite will be harmonious and the aesthetics optimal.

What does Comprehensive Dental Treatment Include?

When we think of the comprehensive approach to dentistry, we think of how the entire masticatory system functions, the health of everything associated with the mouth… the aesthetics of the smile… the comfort of our patient. We think about careful, thorough diagnosis and conversations with the patient and the specialists in our clinic to plan the best course of treatment to address present issues as effectively and efficiently as possible. The goal is quality, long-lasting healthy, and tailored dental solutions. We think about what is best for our patients.

Comprehensive treatment planning–no matter how simple or complex your needs might be, always involves:

  • evaluation of your medical and dental history
  • proper diagnosis
  • appropriate dental treatment planning

Sometimes this involves one or more specialists. Sometimes this takes a little time. A proper diagnosis comes from knowledge and experience.


Schedule Appointments & Pack Your Bags!

You will be given a detailed treatment plan and information pack covering all your scheduled appointments, each appointment duration, and which dates you will be able to have to yourself exploring the wonderful historical sites of Istanbul! Once you are ready to proceed and we have received your confirmation, all that’s left is to book your flights! and then our patient relations specialists will lock in all your appointments to suit your schedule.

We can’t wait to meet you!

  • Please advise us of any medical conditions, allergies, or health requirements.
  • Our client concierge team will outline the necessary duration of your stay as well as guide you through all the necessities.
  • We recommend arriving one day before your appointment to settle in and prepare for your procedure.

We are proud to offer FREE Online Consultation
for patients considering tailored dental treatments.
Contact us to find out how our flexible approach to your dental needs can result in the smile of your dreams.

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