Gum Treatment

Periodontal or gum disease is an infection of the gum, bone, and surrounding structures of the teeth caused by the bacteria found in plaque. It is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults and can cause halitosis (bad breath), bleeding gums, mobile teeth, and a displeasing smile for some. Gum disease is progressive and cyclical, and often painless-so you may not even be aware you have it or that it is active again. There is no cure for gum disease, however, with treatment the disease can be halted and arrested. Gum diseases share many risk factors and are associated with various diseases such as diabetes, adverse pregnancy outcomes, rheumatoid arthritis, and certain cancers.


How is it caused?

When plaque (the white, sticky film that naturally grows on our teeth), is missed by our toothbrush or floss, the bacteria it houses start to release harmful toxins which cause an inflammatory response of the gingiva (gum). This gum inflammation is known as gingivitis. At this stage, you may notice your gums look red, swollen, and may bleed when you brush or floss; this is the first phase of gum disease. Professional treatment with our specialists can reverse gingivitis and prevent further progression. However, if that plaque is not removed routinely, it starts to absorb minerals from our saliva and calcifies and hardens on the surfaces of our teeth above and below the gumline. This is known as tartar or calculus. Calculus is porous and harbors bacteria that start to break down the fibers and tissues surrounding the teeth. Over time this breakdown leads to periodontal pocketing, bone loss, attachment loss, mobility, and eventually tooth loss. This is now termed periodontitis. Treatment options for periodontitis will vary depending on the stage and severity of the gum disease.

In most cases, we can get a fantastic result with non-surgical treatment. However, if the gum disease has progressed to a later stage and there is more drastic bone loss, it may require minor surgery to clean the teeth affected. This is carried out by our professional specialists who are highly trained in the surgical management of gum disease. They utilize the most modern state-of-the-art techniques to clean the teeth. Our specialists are also passionate about Periodontal Regeneration of lost gum and bone around the tooth. Regeneration is at the frontier of gum disease treatment as it is the only method to undo the damage of periodontitis.

Gum treatment is a common periodontal procedure. Though the name might sound frightening, the procedure is commonly performed with excellent results.

Here are some of the major benefits associated with gum treatment:

Reduced sensitivity – When the tooth root becomes exposed, eating or drinking hot or cold foods can cause extreme sensitivity to the teeth.  The gum treatment procedure permanently covers the exposed root, helps reduce discomfort, and restores the good health of the gums.

Improved appearance – Periodontal disease is characterized by gum recession and inflammation.  Gum recession and root exposure can make the teeth look longer than normal and the smile appears “toothy.”  Gum treatment can make the teeth look shorter, more symmetrical, and generally more pleasing to look at. In addition, adjacent tissue can be enhanced and augmented during the procedure for aesthetic purposes.

Improved gum health – Periodontal disease can progress and destroy gum tissue very rapidly.  If left untreated, a large amount of gum tissue can be lost in a short period. Gum treatment can help halt tissue and bone loss, preventing further problems and protecting exposed roots from further decay.

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