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Bleaching tooth does not occur with an abrasion or process on the outer surface of the tooth, it is done by an applied chemical agent opening the channels that extend to the tooth layer and removing the coloring agent there. If it is applied with the right time, concentration and technique, it does not harm the tooth.

You can use a mild painkiller for the sensitivity that may occur after bleaching. The first 2 weeks after the procedure is critical. During this period, food and drinks that will recolor the teeth should be avoided. If you pay attention to this, result of the treatment will continue much more longer.

Dental implants are produced from biocompatible and bioinert materials called titanium. In other words, any biological tissue that is compatible with your biological tissues does not undergo chemical reaction. They do not cause cancer. They are not affected by magnetic field. No obstacles to MRI.

For the implant, it is necessary to wait at the age of 18 when bone development, especially jaw and facial development, is largely completed. There are 18 lower limits for the implant and there is no upper limit. Anyone over the age of 18 who is systemically healthy or does not have a disease that prevents surgical intervention can get an dental implant.

If the resistance taken from the bone is sufficient in implant surgery, it is possible to wear a temporary prosthesis immediately, especially in the aesthetic area. However, this should only be done for aesthetic purposes, the implant should not enter any function. After waiting an average of 3 or 4 months for the bone and implant to fuse, you can safely use your permanent prostheses.

This is a situation that can vary from case to case. There are patients who use more than 10-15 years without any problems with proper use and proper care. If you do not disrupt your annual checks, this period increases even more. However, considering the deterioration of edge harmony, the change of occlusion simply change of  bite with age and time, small porcelain displaces due to long use, or considering physiological gingival recessions due to age, it is best to change after this period.

The answer to this question depends primarily on the patient. Implants with compatible prostheses, made by the doctor by paying attention to all surgical principles, remain in the mouth for life with the right patient care. However, this is not the case for individuals who do not have good oral hygiene, have uncontrolled diabetes and smoke. Like your teeth, your implants also require care and regular control.

Basically, it is the application of the restoration in the lightest white tones in patients with smile design or digital smile design. It is not an application different from smile design.

Smile design is the redesign of the teeth in harmony with the lips, cheeks and other structures of the face, taking into account the aesthetic expectations of the patient. For this purpose, zirconium crown, ceramic veneer or ceramic lamina applications can be made.The decision is made on designs drawn according to the golden ratio. It can be applied to anyone over the age of 18 who is not satisfied with the aesthetic appearance of their teeth.

We do not usually schedule treatment on the same day as the consultation but we can provide you with an appointment within few days to a week. If your case is urgent, our dentists will do their best to solve your problem immediately and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.  It is important that patients have time to carefully consider their treatment options before starting treatment.

Every case is different but as a guide, smile makeovers can take as little as two to three appointments over a two week period.

We practise “minimalist dentistry,” therefore, in the majority of cases the tooth structure is not at risk. Generally speaking, less than half a millimetre is removed from the front of the tooth.

This is to allow room for the veneer and to make sure the porcelain is strong enough to protect the treated area.

Porcelain veneers are just like natural teeth and should be brushed and flossed daily.

However, we will provide you with after care advice following your treatment, ensuring that your smile stays beautiful and white.

Routine dental exams and cleanings are also essential and many of our patients have veneers going back twenty years plus.

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Our experienced consulting team reviews the information that was given to them and prepare a treatment plan for you with a quotation and send it to you. Our clinic is based in the Asian side of İstanbul/Üsküdar. There are regular direct flights from most country to İstanbul. We can search for the cheapest flights on your behalf and email you the details once we know your potential travel dates or you can make your own travel arrangement.

We present you a list of hotels close to the clinic. In addition, we pick you up from the airport and bring you to the hotel. We provide all your transportation, including transportation from the hotel to the clinic.

We will start with X-ray & Consultation session with the doctor and preparing treatment plan being agreed on then we’ll start your treatment within the same day.

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