Dental Treatment Guarantee Contract

We always mutually sign a dental treatment guarantee agreement with each patient. Those guaranteed agreements have been an official and professional commitment of Happy Smile Clinics to its patients. Indeed, this is a rare and ethical feature in a dental clinic today and part of our commitment to being one of the best cosmetic, implant, and advanced dentistry practices in Europe. Happy Smile Clinics provide this dental treatment guarantee contract, and the contract’s activation is conditional on mutually signing this contract. You must follow your dentist’s oral care recommendations and rules during & after your treatment for your dental treatments to be under warranty. A simple explanation that a treatment will have a five-year guarantee gives little or no information about what the guaranteed contract covers, but Happy Smile Clinics are proud to provide its patients with transparent and accurate information for a dental guarantee that clearly and understandably shows all the details of the guaranteed provisions and conditions. Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Dental Technicians, and Happy Smile specialists make every effort to ensure that your treatment is carried out to the highest standard. Below you will find one of the most comprehensive guarantees available.

– Please note that the total number of treated patients who need to return for corrective treatment is between 1% – 2%; however, in case of any dental problems, Happy Smile Clinics offers you a legal guarantee with this guaranteed contract.
– We are not responsible for any medical or/and dental disorder or infection suffered by you which leads to problems with your teeth following your dental treatment procedure (where our negligence does not cause this)
– In case the dental laboratory work fails, our clinic will cover all necessary clinical and laboratory expenses to correct the problem on your visit to our clinic.
– In case of any dentistry defects in connection with our clinic for your dental treatment, the necessary corrective works will be provided free of charge within the guaranteed conditions on your visit to our clinic.

In the event of a request, Happy Smile Clinics will guide you through the appropriate procedure, subject to its provisions and conditions, for your dental guarantee to take effect. 

Below is a list of treatments covered by this dental treatment guarantee contract and the period for which they are covered: 

Dental Implants – Lifetime Guarantee: 

The implant screw itself is guaranteed against cracking or breaking for a lifetime. If the Dental Implant fails (global statistics show a failure rate of 3-5%), the clinic will replace it with the new one without any charge. Besides, the lifetime guarantee will become invalid if the patient has a biological complication caused by a lack of oral care. 

Porcelain Crowns/Veneers – 5 Years Guarantee: 

The porcelain crowns and veneers are guaranteed against breakages, crumbles, or cementation deteriorations in line with the above dental guaranteed terms and conditions for five years. 

Porcelain Dental Bridges – 5 Years Guarantee: 

Dental bridges are guaranteed against breakages, crumbles, or cementation deteriorations in line with the above dental guaranteed terms and conditions for five years. 

Dental Fillings – 1 Year Guarantee: 

Dental fillings are guaranteed against falling out of your natural tooth in line with the above dental guaranteed terms and conditions for one year. 

Dental Inlay / Onlay – 2 Years Guarantee: 

Dental Inlays and Onlays are guaranteed against breakage, crumbles, or cementation deterioration in line with the above dental guaranteed terms and conditions for two years. 

Below is a list of treatments not covered by the guarantee: 

Root Canal Treatment:  

Due to the human body, we cannot provide any form of guarantee for Root Canal Treatment. The treatment success depends on the response of the human body system. 

Dental Posts: 

Dental Posts are applied to weak teeth that require additional strength and stability. Usually, a post is placed on a high-loss tooth surface. This treatment is not guaranteed due to previous damage to the human body and teeth. 

Dental Treatment initiated by another Dentist or Clinic: 

If you have started treatment in another dental clinic and we have been asked to complete the treatment, please do not forget that as we are not responsible for all the treatments carried out, there may be a dispute as to which clinic is liable if a problem arises. Therefore, we cannot give any guarantees in this case. 


The guarantee will be invalidated in the following cases: 

– If oral hygiene is neglected,

– At least once a year, if the patient does not have a routine dental examination that will involve an X-Ray and tooth cleaning (invoice required)

– If the instructions of our Dentists / Oral Surgeons are not followed,

– If the patient does not fulfil their payment obligations,

– The effects that occur in the treatment in our clinic because of the treatments performed in other clinics without notice,

– Temporary dentures or teeth cannot be guaranteed against breakage or the need for re-cementation by nature,

– If the patient’s gum tissue or bone shrinks or their compatibility is impaired,

– If nail eating is a contributing factor to your dental problems,

– If the patient is interested in sports that may cause dental health problems or injury or activities that may pose a danger associated with them,

– In case of inserting dental/dental accessories or jewellery that are temporarily or permanently attached to the patient’s teeth, tongue, or lips.

– Use recreational or prescription drugs or supplements, herbal or otherwise, except as declared during the dentist’s examination.

– In case of accidental damage, for example, the lowering of the denture or damage by a third party.

– In case the Dental Implant moves to any degree.

– In case of rejection of Bone Augmentation (bone-forming therapy).

– If the patient was pregnant during treatment and did not explain her condition. Pregnancy could be the cause of your dental problems.

– If the patient is under 18 years of age at the time of treatment and does not reveal her actual age.

– Pregnancy could be the cause of your dental problems.

– If an existing disease is not limited to adverse effects on chewing, jawbone, or tissue, including diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, excessive radiation, mental disorders, or chemotherapy.

– Inappropriate choice by the patient of the colour, shape, and size of the dental prosthesis or prosthesis. In preparation, patients can choose their colour preferences. Still, the clinic cannot be held responsible for the patient’s decision if they later decide that they do not like the colour or shape they initially chose.

– If a significant increase or loss in weight occurs,

– If the Clinic has provided a gum protector and it is not installed as recommended,

– If the patient has been prescribed and not taken according to the specified instructions. In such a case, the clinic reserves the right to override all aspects of the dental guarantee.

– Not coming to any appointment given by our clinic will completely void the guarantee.

– Smoking is a cause that contributes badly to your dental problems.

– Fondness for any activity or drug known to raise or lower your blood pressure artificially.

– The effects of the treatment in our clinic because of the treatments carried out in other clinics without notice.

– Excessive teeth grinding/bruxism.


– If the patient does not return for the completion of dental treatment within eight months of the last signed consent form (these treatments include but are not limited to Dental Implants / Implant Onlays and Dental Bridges after extraction).

This guarantee does not cover the client’s travel and accommodation-related expenses. 

If you have questions about your dental treatment guarantee, please do not hesitate to contact us.