Cosmetic White Fillings

Cosmetic White Fillings

In the past, the choice of filling materials was limited, and the quality was not anywhere near to what is available today. Mercury amalgam fillings were the treatment of choice when it came to filling a tooth damaged by decay. These large grey fillings did not meet the aesthetic demands of patients and have an unsatisfactory appearance. In this new age of dentistry, white fillings can beautifully meet high expectations when it comes to beauty and aesthetics. The natural appearance, shape, size, and color of a tooth can be easily restored to perfection. Closing gaps and restoring minimally chipped teeth can be easily achieved.

Porcelain inlays and composite resins create fillings that are not only more attractive but also add strength to the weakened teeth. These restorations are also quite durable and long-lasting thanks to improved bonding technologies. Aside from its functionality, many people consider aesthetic reasons when it comes to their dental treatment. Hence, the white filling has become popular since it is more natural-looking than the silver fillings.

white filling

What are the advantages of tooth-colored fillings?

  1. White fillings resemble as closely as possible the shape and the color of the original tooth structure.
  2. Unlike amalgam which relies solely on mechanical retention, white fillings are chemically bonded to the tooth structure. Therefore, they are stronger, and the risk of tooth fracture is less compared to a tooth that is restored with a metal filling.
  3. With white fillings, tooth sensitivity is reduced to a minimum.
  4. White fillings can be used for both front and back teeth without diminishing the aesthetics. In case white fillings are damaged or discolored they can be easily replaced.

We create fillings with excellent function and aesthetics. They are sculpted to recreate the original tooth shape and strength using ceramic or composite materials. We use layering techniques for our composite restorations to mimic natural tooth structure, shade, and light reflection. We use Cerec 3D for our ceramic fillings to create them with absolute accuracy.

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